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Specializing in Dominican cuisine.


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2 reviews
We found this restaurant and decided to order being that I was bored of our local spot. We love love the food!!!! The food has favor and the cost is reasonable or even cheaper then most Latin restaurants. I would recommend this restaurant if you enjoy Dominican food. I'm Latina it's hard to find Spanish food that doesn't taste so commercial. The garlic and chicken brought me back to Puerto Rico! So so good. Love the traditional favor. I would highly recommend if you like home cook food and great service.


1 review
My food was on time, still hot and absolutely delicious. I ordered the combo #2 and an order of the mini roast pork mofongo and it was the perfect amount for my family of 5 and our plus 1 and we still had food left over. Omg and the dulce de leche cake is definitely the icing on the cake it is the perfect slice of Dominican cake. Nothing but good reviews on my end. Mi Casa you aimed to please and trust I'm more than pleased with my meal. Keep up the Good Work!


Top Reviewer
Love this restaurant food taste wonderful especially the avocado salad check out they combo selections also very reasonable. At the delivery rate of 10 buck can't beat that!


Top Reviewer
Good food, the chicken cutlet was just 2 bare chicken breasts in between bread so I won't be ordering that again. But other than that good food.


Top Reviewer
Food is always excellent. Love the chicken. They could be a little more generous with the flan. Very small portion, but delicious.

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Top Reviewer
The delivery guy came later than expected time and he was so polite and thanked me for the tip I gave to him. We all enjoyed the food from Mi Casa Bar and Restaurant, everything we ordered was seasoned well and was delicious. I ordered the rotisserie chicken with yellow rice and beans, and the yuca, and I also ordered the flan (which I haven't eaten yet cuz I'm so full) potatoe salad (which I only ate half of) with the banana shake. My sister ordered the baked clams and the yuca, and a can of red bull with the raspberry shake. My nephew ordered the stew chicken with white rice and beans and my niece ordered the strawberry shake with the Avocado salad and the pork kabobs with the Buffalo wings. All in all, we loved the food and we have leftovers for tommorow or later tonight. It was well worth the wait and the money.


2 reviews
Food has perfect flavor, always feels like a home cooked meal and the delivery has always been on time and it is fast usually 30 minutes.

The whole chicken is great and so is the sancocho (Spanish soup) I can't wait to try more things!


Top Reviewer
the steak & onions is so seasoned. The whole chicken is equally great. I dont like their rice however, but I generally have liked everything I order. I just dont think they use canilla rice. They take long to deliver but worth it.


1 review
Awesome Pork Mofongo! I felt that the sauce was just right and NOT overwhelming. The order got here in the amount of time estimated by Seamless...thumbs up :)

The price was good (7+/- plus tip).


Top Reviewer
The best grilled salmon and grilled snapper I have ever had. The food was so tasty omg. Best food ever!!!

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